Security And Banking Equipment

The range of security and banking equipment consists of safes and fireproof cabinets, weapon cabinets, detectors and money counters and security briefcases for money and document transfers as well as other banking equipment and materials. We are available for equipping financial institutions, banks, insurance companies and insurance agencies for persons and facilities.

Vaults and Fireproof Cabinets

We offersmall office and hotel safes, stand alone and built-in with electronic locking or key lock. Anti-theft safes of a different level of security, and in combination with fire resistance in different dimensions and lock options. Fireproof cabinets and file cabinets with fire resistance up to 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes. We represent renowned European manufacturers whose products are tested and certified in many European recognized institutes and laboratories.

Weapon Cabinets

Security cabinets with electronic or key locks. Cabinets’ capacity is up to 5 or 7 pieces of long pipes. Cabinets are tested according to the ECB-S and VdS standards and are in line with the EU Firearms –Control Legislation and Policy.

Detectors And Money Counters

From simple detectors and money countersfor small users to advanced solutions for large users. We have simple paper and coin counters, money sorting machines, and multifunctional money counters for the most demanding users. Classic lamps and detectors for detecting falsified banknotes, as well as automatic detectors for all currencies. All devices are tested according to valid standards and are recognized by the European Central Bank. Service and spare parts in the warranty and post-warranty period guarantee the quality and durability.

Security Briefcasesand Tanks

Safe tanks with sound alarm, electric shock and smoke effect are products that keep your values, money and important documents. The so-called “cash in transit” (CIT) solutions that protect your money and documents in transportation make our offer complete in the banking sector and
insurance of property, persons and facilities.
Depending on your needs, you can choose models with sound alarm and electroshock as well as optional with a smoke patron who is activated during a violent attempt to open a briefcase.