Archival Cabinets, Card File Cabinets and Wardrobes

A wide range of metal furniture for workplaces and archives, consists of archival cabinets with wing, sliding and roller shutter doors, card file cabinets / hanging cupboards with two, three or four drawers, as well as wardrobes and wardrobe cases. Metal furniture is made of high-quality steel plate finishing powder-coated in standard gray RAL 7035 color. In addition to standardized solutions, we also offer the possibility of personalized solutions in the manufacture of metal furniture according to the needs of users. Furniture is manufactured according to European standards and rates.

Archival Storage Cabinets

Mobile and fixed cabinets are used to store archival documents, books, museum exhibits and merchandise.Proper selection of design and arrangements allows optimum use of space and efficient organization of storage, leading to significant savings in business.
ProTim d.o.o. designs and installs fixed and movable cabinets such as Foreg 2000 by Forster Metallbau GmbH from Austria.

Fixed Cabinets / Shelves

The modular principle of performance from a variety of standard elements allows maximum adjustment of space and documents or goods that are stored in the cabinet. There are a number of constructive elements available that allow proper storage of various documents, media, books, exhibits and merchandise. The most common performance is certainly with shelves. Placing and moving shelves is very easy. In cabinets’ frames with perforation every 2 cm, the shelf brackets are inserted, after which the shelf is simply placed on the brackets. The entire procedure is performed without the use of tools. Perforations within the frames of cabinets allow the shelves to be arranged at different heights in a 2 cm step.

Movable Cabinets

Movable cabinets are built on the rails and by turning the drive wheel they simply start to move. The cabinets are placed on the rails one by one and by their initiation only one passage opens between them at the desired place. Such a design allows for 70 to 100% more cabinets to be builtat the same place than the classic fixed cabinet, where there is a passage between two adjacent cabinets.Outbuilding on the rails is identical to the fixed cabinets, so the options for dimensions are identical to the fixed cabinet. The total height of the cabinet increases by 16 cm in height.

Office Cabinets

Different requirements and different ambiences require various storage solutions.
FOREG Office has an optimal design for each office and every budget. Different designs and dimensions, among which you can choose, will ensure that the solution is tailor-made.
The system offers a choice to keep a complete office space while increasing your storage space or retaining your storage space while expanding your office space. Moving the office is also not a problem. Thanks to the modular construction of the system, simply bring your cabinets with you, expand them, or, if necessary, reduce them to accommodate them to the new environment.