Presentation Equipment And Supplies

The complete range of presentation equipment and supplies includes aluminum frames and LED displays, stand-alone aluminum foil or plexiglas stands, hanging aluminum frames, wall markings, indoor and outdoor advertising cabinets, promotional and price stands, promotional counters, banners, barrier poles, and wooden catering stands. Additionally, we have all types and dimensions of canvas for manual and electric projectors, as well as a large selection of wall and ceiling projector brackets. In addition to this, we specifically offer a white wall and green boards for offices and educational institutions. Guided by the idea of a one-stop shop for business users, we’ve been supplementing our range of ergonomics for offices, stand-alone hangers and waste bins.


A large selection of aluminum frames in dimensions A4-B1, as well as bright LED frames. We point out plexiglass stands and advert boards of different dimensions from our assortment. If you want to send a clear and efficient message to your customers, our assortment of the displays is all you need.


We offer several types of wall display boards such as magnetic dry-erase whiteboards, green school boards and cork boards. From small office boards to big school wall boards or free standing boards, flip chart boards and equipment. The maximum dimensions of the boards we deliver are 500×120 cm. The boards can be standard lacquered or ceramic enamelled. All boards are certified according to EU standard EN 14434.

Projectors' Canvases and Brackets

Canvases for projectors of various dimensions can be set on a wall or in a form of a tripod. We have canvases withmanual starting system and canvases on an electric drive operating system controlled by the remote. Projector’sbrackets can be set on a wall and ceiling, telescopic or fixed, made of aluminum or metal.


We offer a wide range of solutions that will help you create an environment for a more comfortable,
more organized and more productive work. Our ergonomic products are designed to increase
productivity and workplace comfort, and for organization of your tools.
In ergonomic solutions, we have ergonomic stands for monitors and laptops adjustable according to users’ needs, leg rests and footstools and ergonomic supports for your back. Renowned world manufacturers guarantee top quality and comfort.

Hangers And Bins

There are several types of stand-alone office coat hangers, each equipped with an umbrella band. Available in black or chromed. Waste bins in reticular design or full steel. We also offer a range of waste management solutions for both industrial and large customers.